Our team

Teaching mostly in English with elements of Czech together with a varied program in the private kindergarten CENTRAL PRESCHOOL Prague is provided by native speakers who best use games to prepare your children for the future. The program in our kindergarten is in English. Lessons are complemented by a number of interesting circles.




I am originally from a small town in Idaho where my love of teaching kids began. I started travelling at age 26 because I wanted to experience new people, cultures, and places. Travelling has taught me how to engage with children in any language and has given me an abundance of patience. I believe in maintaining a calm and positive presence while working with children and fostering a safe a nurturing environment for them to learn.  I truly enjoy being with children and encouraging them to try new things. My specialty is in arts and crafts and I also have a background in music. It is very important for children to be creative and it is my mission to bring lots of fun and creativity to the school.






“I moved to Prague in 2012, I have a magister in hospitality and administration, nonetheless, my real passion has always been interacting with children, I believe it is a privilege to be part of their growth and their development. I think that children need a respectful, peaceful and understanding environment to reach their full potential, I appreciate and encourage the uniqueness of every student, I myself have always marched to the beat of a different drum. I am always looking forward to creating a fun and engaging learning environment that develops  confidence and self/reliance.”








Andrea graduated at Business high school, Applied Arts and Design. She gained experience with children abroad when working as a professional nanny. She lived in England, the United States of America and Barcelona. After returning to the Czech Republic, she worked for 4 years in a private kindergarten as a native speaker assistant and later as a primary class teacher for preschool children. Andrea has extensive experience with children from 2 to 8 years. She is a regular educator, has completed countless courses and collaborated on the project Teaching English in a Playful Way. At Central Preschool, he teaches Czech language and preschool.  

“Working with children is an extremely creative job and at the same time a great responsibility. I enchant the way children develop with each new day and grow before our eyes. The family atmosphere in our kindergarten is above all else for me.”