Our team

CHELSIE FELLMANsoukroma skolka ucitelka


I come from Ohio in the United States. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics with a minor in child studies from Miami University. I have been working with children for 10 years in a variety of educational settings, and I have loved every second of it. Everything from summer camp counselor, to outdoor educator, I’ve done it all! I moved to Prague in November of 2018 to teach English and obtained my TEFL certificate. I teach by providing children with a fun, safe environment where they have the opportunity to be creative and develop their learning skills through a variety of activities, songs and movement.


CZECH TEACHERSoukromá školka - učitelka

Petra has obtained her Master’s degree in Special Pedagogy with a minor in speech therapy from Charles University. During her studies she was working with children of all ages. She was teaching at schools and led after school clubs. She attended regular, but also special preschools, primary schools, kindergartens and various after school clubs for children and youth. In the summer she was the leader of summer camps for children and she was also in charge of a group of preschool children in one company for which she had been planning all-day programs. She gained extensive experience with children aged 15 months to 6 years as a teacher in a Czech-English nursery school where she worked for 2 years. At present she is providing individual speech lessons at one of the Prague schools. Her hobbies include arts and crafts. At Central Preschool, she is in charge of the complex development of children, pre-school preparation, and writes the educational program. She leads speech therapy, dancing, and music circles.

Petra likes to spend time with friends and enjoys traveling in her free time. She exercises regularly alternating between zumba, aerobic, and other forms of exercise. 


NATIVE ENGLISH TEACHERsoukromá školka učitelka

I am originally from a small town in Idaho where my love of teaching kids began. I started travelling at age 26 because I wanted to experience new people, cultures, and places. Travelling has taught me how to engage with children in any language and has given me an abundance of patience. I believe in maintaining a calm and positive presence while working with children and fostering a safe a nurturing environment for them to learn.  I truly enjoy being with children and encouraging them to try new things. My specialty is in arts and crafts and I also have a background in music. It is very important for children to be creative and it is my mission to bring lots of fun and creativity to the school.